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Flavor Enhancers Flavourings

Two components of flavor are smell and taste and flavoring agents are used to improve the pleasure.

Flavourings are used to correct seasonal changes in the natural flavour of food, to recover the lost taste during any fabrication operation, to mask the flavour components which are found naturally in the food and which adversely affect the quality of the obtained product, to enhance the flavour of food and to differentiate the product by adding into product formulas at certain levels during production.

Flavor Enchancers

Fume Flavour / Smoke Flavour

Selay Spicy Savour

Selay Meat Flavour

Selay Meat Bouillon Powder

Selay Chicken Flavour

Selay Chicken Bouillon Powder

Selay Barbeque Flavour

Flavor Flavourings

Yeast Extracts

Mono Sodium Glutamate

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