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Spice Oleoresins and Oils

  • Oleoresin Capsicum

  • Oleoresin Paprika

  • Oleoresin Blackpepper  

  • Oleoresin Whitepapper

  • Oleoresin Cumin

  • Oleoresin Clove

  • Oleoresin Coriander

  • Oleoresin Nutmeg

  • Oleoresin Garlic

  • Oleoresin Onion

  • Oleoresin Pimento (Allspice)

  • Oleoresin Ginger

  • Oleoresin Turmeric

  • Oleoresin Cinnamon

  • Oleoresin Mustard

  • Oleoresin Celery

  • Oleoresin Thyme

  • Garlic Oil

  • Onion Oil

1kg of spice oleoresin can be used instead of 25-30 kgs of good quality spice powder. For this reason, they are more economical and practical in terms of final product costs.

Oleoresins contain flavor, smell and colouring compounds of spices that are obtained by solvent extraction of the dried and ground spice with a suitable organic solvent. "Oleoresins" contain all the compounds that can be extracted beside essential oils of spices. Therefore, they bring the color, the smell and the taste characteristics of the spice they were obtained from.


Due to their stabilizing properties they prevent resin and fixed oil / volatile oil lack. Oleoresins are mostly dense viscous, resinous and dark colored.


They are used in processed meat products, spiced pickles, chips and snacks, salad and food sauces, ready-made soups, candies, baked goods and all food products obtained from. The production processes of oloresins are so well controlled that they are high enough to guarantee microbiological qualities.

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