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founded in 1995 with “Selay” brand in Istanbul/ Turkey.

Kutluer is an experted and medium-sized company that produces and markets spice mixes, dried vegetables, spice oleoresins and oils, food phosphates, chips sauces and sauces for dried nuts. Kutluer is in progress to develop lots of food additives essential for meat production.

Kutluer; collects and picks up the freshest and most qualified crops from all over the world in season. Produces them in hygienic environment without adding any additives, offers the spice mixes with special packages to protect against air and moisture and keeps in its most natural form.

Kutluer makes production in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 quality certified company. Our products are also Halal certified and manufactured in accordance with international standards.

Our company is active in all food sector with spice mixes and food additives towards industrial production especially for products originated from poultry and beef. 
Selay spice offers traditional flavours like chicken sauces, cold bulghur ball (Cig Kofte) seasonings and kebab seasonings in addition to innovative products like barbecue/grill seasoning and sucuk seasoning.

Kutluer continues to research and development investment relative to field of activity. It has senior consultant staff in the fields of manufactures of meat products.

What we are doing is to season your life…

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