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Spice Mixes

As we know, spice  gives flavour to products in industrial production

So we take the spices which is top quality then we protect its taste and smell and mix with our experience. Then we package and release mixes with Selay brand.


You will reach standardized high quality thanks to our products and experiences and you will also ensure taste diversity that is consumer’s demand

Our Advantages;

  • To make boutique production as a recipe

  • Great tastes,Standardized taste.

  • Variety and functionality with wide range of products

  • Solution development and creating innovation

  • Enhancement in product’s colour value

  • Offering  easiness of practical production and simplifying the production process

Meatball And Burger Mixes
Selay meatball Blendings that are appropriate to traditional Turkish cuisine and enriched with the  regional recipes offers easiness when preparing meatball practically.

There is no need to add stale bread, onion, garlic and extra spices. It will be enough to add 1 cup water and minced meat for making meatball.

*Selay Butcher Meatball Seasoning

*Selay Tekirdag Meatball

*Selay Inegol Meatball

*Selay Sujuk Meatball Seasoning

*Selay Burger Combi... and more

Chicken Sauces and Seasonings

It’s secret hidden in us , unique and wealthy flavour formulas…

We combine traditional flavours with authentic flavours and chicken sauces that we prepared turn into a feast of taste for everyone. Golden roast and delicate chickens...

Chicken is cheap, delicious and multiple and we always cook same form.

You can use chicken sauce in all kind of chicken; grilled chicken, oven roasted chicken, chicken doner,boiled chicken and marination and also you can prepare different and aromatic flavours by using Selay chicken sauce and seasoning.

*Selay Chicken Sauce

*Selay Chicken Seasoning

*Selay Pane Seasoning

*Selay Chicken Savour

Sucuk, Salami,
Sausages Ham Mixes
Controlling the ripening process in production, receiving an attractive appearance and impeccable taste is possible with Selay Spice Blends

You complete the meat, oil and salt rate in your recipes with Selay Spice Blend then fill to the natural or artificial casings and follow the production stage and  complete the production

*Selay Sucuk Combi

*Selay Salami Combi

*Selay Sausage Combi

*Selay Ham Combi

Doner Mixes

Selay Doner Combis improve your product’s flavour,mould,and appearance and it helps to manufacture at excellent flavour. Selay döner combis: Chicken doner combi -Meat leaf doner combi-Minced meat doner combi...

Our Advantages

  • Standardized and high quality palatal delight

  • To make production as recipe and boutique

  • Concentrated usage rate in small quantities

  • It features spices, aromas, extracts and all functions for doner.

*Selay Meat Leaf Doner Combi

*Selay Minced Meat Doner Combi

*Selay Chicken Doner Combi

Barbecue and Kebab Seasonings
Excellent harmony of meat with spice

Cook delicate red and white meat like in a barbecue  flavour with barbecue seasonings.


Create delicious solutions by accelerating the steps in marination and preliminary to barbecue. Whether you use in meatball and steak you grilled in barbecue or you use in roast sausages and meatball you prepared in your home.


It is possible to make easily Adana Kebab and Cig Kofte that are hard and time consuming with Selay seasoning.It is possible to be Kebab Master with Selay Kebab

*Selay Barbecue Seasoning

*Selay Adana Kebab Seasoning

*Selay Cold Bulghur Meatball Seasoning

Nuts and Chips Sauces

Get ready for the feast with flavors enriched with authentic tastes such as onion and pepper, inspired by Mexico ...

Selay Nuts and Cips Coating Sauces consist of unique spices and aromas to provide real and authentic local experiences.  They are preferred spice mixtures for applications such as meat, vegetables, rice dishes and nuts & crisps covering.

* Taco Flavored Spice  Mixtures

* Nacho Flavored Spice  Mixtures

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