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Selay Spice Extracts

  • Selay Garlic Extract

  • Selay Onion Extract

  • Selay Capsicum Extract

  • SELAY Paprika Extract

  • SELAY Blackpepper Extract

  • SELAY Whitepepper Extract

  • SELAY Cumin Extract

  • SELAY Clove Extract

  • SELAY Coriander Extract

  • SELAY Nutmeg Extract

  • SELAY Pimento-Allspice Extract

  • SELAY Ginger Extract

  • SELAY Turmeric Extract

  • SELAY Cinnamon Extract

  • SELAY Mustard Extract

  • SELAY Celery Extract

All of the flavor, fragrance and colour components of spices are extracted with special technological methods and are presented as a product in a smooth homogeneous powder appearance and they are aromatic spice extracts.

They can be used in all food products where their taste, smell and colour characteristics of the spices they were obtained from are desired.

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