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Spice Mixes

Meatball and Burger Mixes
Chicken Sauces and Seasonings
Sucuk, Salami, Sausages, Mixes
Doner Mixes
Barbecue and Kebab Seasonings
Nuts and Chips Sauces



Drying and storing the food is provided by the evaporation of the excess water found in foods by that way bringing the microorganisms into a situation where they can not maintain life. By that way microorganisms would not cause the degradation of food and this feature allows long-term storage.


Fruit, Flower and Leaf

We take the best quality spices with good selection methods, we package the spices blends and protect the aromas against air and moisture with Selay brand.

Spice Oleoresins/Oil

Oleoresins are pure extracts of a spice or herb. These are natural liquid sweeteners which have both volatile and non-volatile aroma component contents. Oleoresins provide the characteristic flavor profiles of ground spice or herb with faster release.

Selay Spice Extracts

Spice extracts have the powder form of concentrated spices and carry out the taste, odour, colour etc. special features from the raw material of spice


Food Phosphate

Selay Profibka Series

Mono Products


Gelling Agents-Thickening Agent-Sequesterants



Soy Products

Flavor Enhancers/ Flavourings

Two components of flavor are smell and taste and flavoring agents are used to improve the pleasure.


They are used in addition to other additives in order to protect, correct or prevent unwanted changes in the smell, taste, appearance, structure and other properties of food during production, packaging, storage and shipment.


Dye pigment and similar substances give colour when added to products and they are called food colourant. The colouring agents are divided into two as natural and synthetic according to the way of obtaining. 

First impression about food is visual. Colour plays the most important role at first sight in the attractiveness of food in terms of consumer preference.

Acids and Acidity Regulators




Plastic Casings

Fibrous Casings

Collagen Casings

Natural Casings

Peelable Casings

Machinery Group

Production of meat food products, meat processing and the necessary machinery to manufacturing the product and all the machines related to their packaging can be provided in line with the needs of the companies.

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