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Plastic Casings

  • Multi layered, Plain and Coil Casings

  • Permeable Plain and Coil Casings

Multi-layer plastic casings have barrier properties and provide long shelf life.

Can be used for heat-treated salami, soujouk, roast, ham, sausage, hamburger and so on.

Available in 32-130mm calibre range.

Colors; coffee, dark chestnut, light chestnut, red, transparent, white, cream, yellow, orange, gold, green, black, silver.

Printing process can be applied to the cases.


By means of the permeable plastic bowels are permeable to air, they can be used in products such as fermented and fume made soujouk varieties and sausages. It is an alternative of natural casings. It is advantageous in terms of price.

Collagen Casings

  • Coil: 32-34-36-38-40-43 Calibre

  • Plain: 32-35-38-40-45-60 Calibre

Natural casing equivalent products that can be used in fermented and semi fermented meat products. There are two different product types as plain and coiled

  • It gives natural good taste to the product.

  • Provides excellent color qualities and aroma in fumigation.

  • There is water and vapor permeability.

  • It is suitable for automatic clipping. Serial and standard weighted product can be manufactured.

Fibrous Casings

Fibrous casings have air permeability feature; they can be used in fermented, semi-fermented soujouk, salami products and also in natural meat products such as braised meat.


36-38-40-43-60-85-105 Calibre options are available and printing and shirt processing can be done if requested.

Natural Casings

It is a natural cow intestine used in traditional Turkish type soujouk production.

Can be sold as brine and dry.

Peelable Casings

They are peelable cellulosic casings. It is produced in between 14-38 Calibre.

It is generally preferred in sausage productions.

Standard preferred calibres are 17-19-21-24-26-28 Cal.

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