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Dye pigment and similar substances give colour when added to products and they are called food colourant. The colouring agents are divided into two as natural and synthetic according to the way of obtaining.


First impression about food is visual. Colour plays the most important role at first sight in the attractiveness of food in terms of consumer preference.


Food manufacturers use colouring additives to prevent colour differences from natural or seasonal changes in raw materials of the food, to eliminate colour loss, to gain the original colour of food and to give a standard colour to food.

Natural colourants:


*Red Fermented Rice

*Selay Red Mix
It is a mixture of yeast extracts with red colour. Saccharomyces cerevisia is the yeast used for fermentation. It is a completely natural colourant and used to obtain red colour in many food items

*Paprika Oleoresin

*Turmeric Powder / Oleoresin
*Beetroot Red
*Beta Carotene

Artifial / Synthetic Colourants

*Allura Red
*Caramel Liquid / Powder
*Ponceau 4R
*Sunset Yellow

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